Laundry Chiang Mai

A list of Laundromats / coin laundries in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai has an abundance of laundry services. The cost of doing laundry in Chiang Mai is quite low, especially when compared to other regions. Not only in Thailand but also the rest of the world. You can have your laundry washed, dried, folded and ironed for not a great deal of money.

Pick up laundry service

Pretty much every street in Chiang Mai has some kind of laundry service. Not necessarily dedicated laundries but maybe a guest house or a street vendor offering the service. You can also have your laundry collected, processed and returned same day or the next day by a Company like Ems Laundry. Ems has the reputation of being the best laundry service in Chiang Mai. The cost per kg is barely more than the price of a cup of coffee.

Ems Laundry offers free pick up and return to most areas of Chiang Mai, old city and surrounds. There are others that offer a similar service but Ems, from their many reviews seem to be the sensible choice. They are very easy to contact by phone or email. If you prefer, Ems has two drop off points. One in Nimman and the other in Thaphae area, where you can leave your laundry. It gets returned to your hotel. A very easy and convenient service to use. These outlets are also listed on the map.

Laundromats in greater Chiang Mai

location of laundromats in Chiang Mai on a map

Laundromats in the old city / moat area

This map shows a closer view of the laundromats in the old city / moat area. It shows the larger operations. There are many small coin machines and smaller shops. If you think they are worth listing please email us.

Laundries in Nimmanhamen

map showing laundries in nimmanhamen